Cultural Differences

WELCOME BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, week 2 is coming to a close, and I have had even more time to observe my surroundings and notice the discrepancies that make Andalusia so special. But also, so odd, at least in the eyes of Ana Vincenti. Disclaimer, I do not believe in culture shock, I think the term “shock” is INCREDIBLY dramatic. Cultures are different, its inevitable, get over it. A better term would be, “culture surprise”. That sounds way more fun. Here we go with a list of differences, categorized by subject!


  • Lunch is 2:30-3:30, Dinner is 9:30-10:30.
    • QUÉ?! If you are a hungry person that sucks. 
  • Olive oil is life.
    • Breakfast lunch and dinner. Down that sh*t like its water. I kid you not these Spaniards worship olive oil almost as much as Jesus (and that’s a lot).
  • Seasoning = salt and pepper (and olive oil, obvi).
    • The U.S. enjoys a wide variety of seasonings; garlic powder, chili powder, spices, etc. This is not a thing in Andalusian home cooking because they think it ruins authentic flavors. Thoughts?
  • At many tapas restaurants, there are no tables and people eat standing up.
    • WOAH radical dude. For those of you who don’t know what tapas are, they are dishes of small-ish portions that people order and share! It’s a fun eating time that people enjoy before their late dinners. But yeah, if you like sitting, don’t go to an authentic tapas restaurant. 
  • Processed foods are not a thing (amen) and people generally care about health.
    • Yes, don’t worry my friends, they have McDonald’s and Taco Bell. However, in the time that I have been here, I have not eaten a single processed food in the home, and maybe once out of the home. Plus, their fast food has much more stringent regulation, and it’s not nearly as processed. Yay for health!
  • Want a tortilla? Don’t be surprised if you receive a potato omelette and not a flat Mexican bread-ish thing.
    • Yeah honestly I’m not down for this but its okay because I enjoy consuming both versions of the tortillas. 
  • Coffee or Tea?
    • Oh wait jk, tea is not an option here (it actually is, its just not nearly as common). Would you like your coffee black or with creamer? Also not an option, your only option is café con leche (milk). Café con leche or die.

Interactions with people:

  • Greeting people with kisses (on both cheeks).
    • THIS IS NORMAL EVERYONE CALM TF DOWN MOST OF EUROPE DOES IT god damn it is a friendly greeting. 
  • In U.S some people like Trump…here nobody does! Nice!
    • Hm weird. 
  • Staring is perfectly acceptable.
    •  Staring is great, everyone does it, start participating!
  • Don’t run up to peoples dogs and pet them
    • This is a big no no. Don’t do it. You will be known as the crazy American lunatic. But yolo, amiright ladies?

Miscellaneous shit that I can’t categorize:

  • Kids don’t move out at 18
    • Most kids go to Universities near their homes and don’t move out, making for a very tight family unit but also less prepared young adults. 
    • Catholicism = BAE. Except I’m a Jew but they like me anyways. 
  • Hacer el botellon = drinking in the streets with your friends at night.
    • It’s technically illegal, but nobody cares! Including the police, so have at it.
  • Ladies, don’t wear thongs
    • Apparently its unsanitary and only for whores/women who wish to seduce men. 


  • One similiarity…Andalucian Spaniards don’t really pronounce the last 1-2 letters of each word. Who needs them, am I right? Practically useless. Luckily, Americans don’t really enunciate either, so that’s good!


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  1. My least favorite thing about Spain is the staring I truly can’t handle it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I have not eaten a single processed food in the home, and maybe once out of the home” LIAR


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