About Me

Whaddup Whaddup! Shalom! Feliz Navidad! I’m a 19 year old noob strollin through the streets of the world. I think I am hilarious. Disclaimer: I am definitely not. “Ana, why are you writing this blog?” Well interested reader, let me tell you: my roommate (but more importantly amazing friend) Julia Sirkin made me. This is completely against my free will.

The quick facts:

  • I am hilarious
  • I am filterless (hide yo kids from dis blog)
  • I am the realest
  • I am Chapman (LOL)
  • I love Obama
  • I¬†thoroughly enjoy food
  • I am an open book (ask me questions I love questions)
  • I don’t have a Twitter
  • I will attempt to hablar Spanish for 5 months in Seville (hola)
  • Me gusta el queso (muchisimo)
  • I outwardly display my stupidity so that people aren’t intimidated by my supreme intelligence #secretweapon